Healthy Diets and Fitness Tips for Working Women

Healthy Diets and Fitness Tips for Working Women

Women usually  lead to increasing levels of physical and emotional stress because of house & office responsibility. It is easier to see a can opener, rather than make a stir-fry dish on those evenings when documents are piled sky high. Women have a double work schedule – at the workplace as well as home. Diet is the keystone of a healthy lifestyle and working women who seem to work round the clock need good diet to avoid illnesses & need to take care herself very well. Here are some diet and fitness tips for them:



Carry homemade food: – It’s best to carry homemade foods instead of heading to the office cafeteria for your meals. It will ensure that you are following healthy diet, and can entirely be dictated by your needs, wants and preferences.



Always eat balanced diet: – Make sure that your lunch box contains of at least one leafy vegetable almost daily. One portion of raw fresh salad and one portion of calcium rich dairy food as women need more dietary calcium than their male counterparts.



Avoid eating junk food at work:-It’s best to carry fresh or dried fruits as these are very nutrient rich and best to satisfy your hunger during the day as opposed to eat little or no nutrition samosas or vada pav. Suggested snacks like prunes, cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts and fresh fruits you can take. In summers, especially water-rich ones like oranges, watermelon and plane water.



Have enough water:-  Need to carry a bottle of water on daily basis and keep it filled at your office desk to ensure decent hydration as dehydration can make you lethargic and tired.



Do daily exercise :- An hour of exercise can go a long way in maintaining good health in the long run. If possible include exercise in your schedule too. You can join Gym or yoga also if you get some time on daily basis.


Cut down on caffeine :- Too much caffeine can not only leave you dehydrated, but strain out precious calcium from the body leading to early onset of osteoporosis.



With a lack of willpower It’s easy to blame diet failures. But isn’t meant to be the only tool you use. It’s more like a safety net for when life spins out of control. Locate your weight loss efforts only on willpower can actually work against your diet goals.