Diet tips for hard workers

Diet tips for hard workers

You need a great deal of strength and energy, if you are involved in physical labor. Maintaining a healthy diet becomes very important for you in order to deal with the exertion at work. When you do hard work you feel hungry frequently and increase your diet in quantity. You eat a good deal of food which is high in calories, most of them coming from simple carbohydrates like chapattis, rice etc. Other nutrients are generally lacking in your diet. Hence it is very important for you to have a healthy diet which is filling and give you a good nutrition also.

Most important meal of the day is Breakfast. Don’t ignore to take your breakfast along with heavy and combination meal of carbohydrates, proteins, milk product and a fruit.

Keep drinking avoid dehydration. Physical work will produce your sweat , so to avoid any dehydration, it is important to hydrate yourself properly.

Fruits & Vegetables: – Include at least 5-6 servings of fruits and vegetables in a day as they help you to stay energetic and protected from any infections.

Eat whenever you fill hungry:- Eat more of complex carbohydrates and proteins while at work. This will give you ample of fiber and will make you feel full without making you overeat.

Protein for health :-  Take high protein like eggs, dals, nuts, paneer, soyabean etc. in your diet as it helps to strengthen the muscles so that you build up stamina to do hard work.

Take Vitamin C :-  It comes under rich food and it’s  improve iron absorption. The rich sources are orange, amla, guava, mausami, lemon, green leafy vegetables etc.

Along with this you need to add exercise in your daily life to become physical strong and confidante. If you don’t have time to work out outside then do yoga at home.